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UPDATE: My etchings are now all done by hand. The Laser Work has reached its end. Thank you to all who have been part of this amazing process. Tune in for updates on the Impact Etching process!

The Creative Process

Creating Lasting Beauty

Laser Design Solutions uses a state-of-the-art laser etching machine, the latest graphic design software, and our own craftsmanship to achieve near photographic-quality etchings on granite, marble, slate, glass, wood and metals. Powerful and precise, lasers burn even the finest lines into the surface allowing us to produce any image or design, at any size.*

*High quality images needed for large sizes.


Laser Design Solutions can use your existing artwork-text, logos, copyright-cleared or original artwork, slides, photos, transparencies-or we can create the design and layout that meets your project goals. We also have an extensive proprietary library of images to select from.

Once the artwork is selected, our artists create layout choices for the client’s review. This ensures the client's satisfaction with the layout and design… before the etching even begins.


We can produce etchings in just about any size, depending on your project…as small as a few inches or as large as 100 feet or more (in sections). Our machine capacity will etch a piece of 4'x8' material in one section.

Black granite, marble, and slate are the most popular material choices, though different colors of marble and granite etch beautifully as well. We also etch onto a wide variety of other media: slate, glass, limestone, anodized metals, wood and ceramics.

Our standard granite, marble, and slate tile shapes are ovals, hearts, squares, rectangles and circles.


The time it takes from start to finish depends on the size and scope of the project, and it varies from project to project. We discuss lead times with the client at a project’s inception.

Various shipping methods are available, securely packed and shipped.
Details also discussed at project's inception.

If installation is required, we will work with your installation partner to ensure a smooth completion of the project. If you do not have an installation partner, we have several resources that we can recommend.
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