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Public places and private spaces - Laser Design Solutions combines the beauty of natural stone materials with the artistic vision of our clients, producing stunning works of art that last forever.

We partner with commercial clients including architects and interior designers to design and produce commercial installations for office buildings, museums, and other public places.

We also bring laser design to private places - the home and the garden - as well as customizing gifts and immortalizing memories in beautiful stone creations.

The possibilities are limitless and the results are magnificent. Whether you have a design in mind, or would like us to create a custom design for your specific application, Laser Design Solutions will work with you to produce a unique piece of art that will be treasured forever.     GALLERY

UPDATE: All etchings are now all done either by hand or by the Impact Etching process!. The Laser work has reached its end. Thank you to all who have been part of this amazing process. Tune in for updates.
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